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Perak Stadium by Fernando FongIt looks like Perak coach Azraai Khor Abdullah has a new job scope — watering the field at the Perak Stadium in Ipoh!

Azraai was spotted by several fans sprinkling water on the playing ground of their home venue during a training session on Wednesday.

It’s a task that is done by Ipoh City Council. Some fans are calling Azraai a Council employee.

Azraai, the former international also disclosed on Seladang Fan Club’s Facebook on Wednesday:

“The stadium field is dry, the grass is almost dry and is dying.We had to do something. It was a coincidence a pipe and sprinkler was located near the field… so we took it upon ourselves to water the field.”

A quick check by The Malay Mail yesterday saw many dry spots on the field.

It is evident the fi eld is not watered properly. Also, the stadium is fi lled with rubbish.

Several bulbs were broken while a new paint of coat is badly needed Azraai told Mailsport: “The field is really dry. I don’t know why it is not watered properly and evenly as the grass in certain area has died.

“This creates a hard playing surface and could pose a danger to the players.”

“The weather has been really hot. I hope something can be quickly done to rectify the situation as we’re training at night throughout the fasting month for our Malaysia Cup campaign.”

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim said the council had overlooked the matter and promised to carry out rectification works.

“I believe those in-charge have paid little attention to the condition of the field. They should take responsibility,” said Roshidi.

“This shouldn’t have happened. I have instructed my officers to look into this matter urgently to ensure the field and stadium will be in its best condition.”

Original article at The Malay Mail.
Photo by Fernando Fong.

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