Solo Travel as a Woman? I Was Scared Too Until I Discovered This Life-Changing Hack

Solo female travel can seem daunting at first. But with the right mindset and preparation, traveling alone as a woman can be an incredibly rewarding, empowering experience.

As someone who was once afraid to travel solo, I want to share the life-changing hack that gave me the confidence to take the leap.

Why We Fear Solo Female Travel

Let’s face it – the world can be a scary place for a woman alone. Some common fears about solo female travel include:

  • Safety concerns
  • Getting lost or stranded
  • Being seen as an easy target
  • Having to fend for yourself
  • Missing companionship

These fears are totally valid. However, avoiding solo adventures means missing out on so much. With the right approach, women traveling alone can stay safe, confident, and free.

My Lightbulb Moment – The “Travel Buddy” System

After years of hoping to travel – but never going through with it – I had a revelation. Instead of trying to find a real travel companion, I could create a virtual buddy.

I’d simply pretend someone was joining me on every trip. Then I’d plan accordingly, picturing how we’d stay connected and look out for each other.

This travel buddy system changed everything. By mentally “traveling with others”, I felt less alone. Knowing my buddy had my back made me feel safer too.

Finding Your Own Virtual Travel Buddy

A travel buddy can be anyone – a friend, fictional character, even a celebrity. Pick someone you trust to adventure with.

My first virtual buddy was Nancy Drew. As a childhood fan, I knew she’d be smart, brave, and proactive – the perfect globetrotting partner.

When visualizing your buddy, consider:

  • Who would you feel safest and most at ease with?
  • Who shares your travel interests and values?
  • What unique skills or traits would they bring?

Ideally, choose someone assertive who would watch out for you. But also pick a buddy you just enjoy spending time with.

Bringing Your Buddy to Life

Once you’ve chosen your travel buddy, it’s time to put them in action. Picture them by your side throughout your trip.

  • Chat with them at the airport
  • Debate what to order for dinner
  • Plan your itinerary together
  • Imagine their reactions to cool sights

Ask yourself:

  • Where would my buddy want to explore today?
  • How can my buddy help me meet people?
  • What safety tips would they remind me of?

Whenever you feel alone or unsure, channel your imaginary friend. Let their confidence give you courage too.

Solo Female Travel Tips to Use with Your Buddy

Your virtual buddy is there to embolden your solo adventures. But you still need to take concrete safety steps.

Discuss these solo female travel tips with your buddy throughout your trip:

Research and Planning

  • Learn about your destination’s culture and any risks
  • Pick accommodations in safe, central areas
  • Have transportation planned from the airport
  • Share your itinerary with loved ones back home

Daily Precautions

  • Only book tours and activities from reputable companies
  • Stay sober – limit alcohol and avoid recreational drugs
  • Carry emergency cash in case cards are stolen
  • Back up important documents online or to a cloud

Trusting Your Instincts

  • Don’t be afraid to refuse overeager guides or pushy locals
  • Skip areas that give you a bad gut feeling, even if “must-see”
  • Only ride in marked taxis and avoid unlicensed transportation

With your virtual buddy and smart precautions, you can handle even solo backpacking off the beaten path. For other female solo travel tips, check out my in-depth guide here.

Places to Start Solo Travel as a Woman

Once you have the confidence to go it alone, where should you travel? With your customized buddy by your side, almost anywhere is fair game.

Still, some top destinations stand out for solo female travelers, thanks to their culture, safety, activities, infrastructure, and cuisine.


Explore dramatic natural landscapes with new friends – Icelanders are very welcoming of tourists. Savor fresh seafood after relaxing in thermal springs.

New Zealand

Hike through ‘Middle Earth’ with your buddy by your side. Meet fellow backpackers at YHA hostels across the islands. Indulge in wine tastings and Maori culture.


Spend sunny days wandering cobblestone streets with a buddy. Soak in history in Lisbon and Porto. Head to coastal villages to sample fresh seafood and admire colorful tiles.


Marvel at innovative architecture in this ultra-modern but friendly city-state. Enjoy a blend of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine. Visit Universal Studios and Sentosa Island.

Transforming Your Perspective

At the end of the day, conquering your fears is all about perspective. When you view solo travel as an exciting chance to discover yourself, anything is possible.

With my virtual buddy concept, suddenly the world seemed full of potential friends and mentors. By picturing someone by my side, I felt empowered to take the leap into the unknown.

So don’t let fear hold you back another minute. With the right mindset and precautions, you can safely see the world on your own terms.

Solo female travel allows you to be fully present, get in tune with yourself, and meet amazing people you’d otherwise miss. Stop dreaming and start adventuring!

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